Siddha And Integrative Medicine

Despite advancement in medical science, there are still challenges in managing non-communicable diseases, autoimmune disease, chronic diseases, etc.

At this point, many medical scientists and doctors realized that integrating the best practices from traditional medical systems could be the best way to offer holistic healthcare.

This integrative medical practice must be evidence based and undergo systematic research. Siddha system of medicine  is one of the oldest traditional medical systems of Asia. It is one of the advanced version of Tamil culture and language, which is under-represented to the global level.


GCSMR has signed a MOU with Center for Advanced Research in Siddha, Varma and integrative Medicine ( CARSIVAM)   in collaboration with  Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE), India.

This will give way to more evidence based medical practice for Integrative medicine and research in a university environment.