About Our Organization

We are group of people from USA , India and many other countries comprising of medical doctors, researchers, scientists, Siddha physicians, traditional vaidyars, Tamil experts, well-wishers who tasted the benefits of “Siddha medicine” – very old system of medicine form Southern India, have come together and established the Global Center for Siddha Medicine and Research (GCSMR).
  • GCSMR is a non-profit organization registered in USA (North Carolina) and India (Chennai)
  • Our vision is to facilitate the systematic research in Siddha medicine and evidence based integrative health care.

Our Mission

To conduct research in, and document the basic principles and methods of prevention of diseases, diagnostic procedures, curative methods, palliative care, rehabilitative procedures and other exclusiveness of Siddha system of medicine which is native to the state of Tamil Nadu, India so as to make it available to all.

Our Vision

  • Analyze and document the Siddha system with the support of ancient Siddha literature.
  • Promote traditional Siddha Medicine based on the concept of ‘Food is medicine’.
  • To teach Siddha medical system to anyone
  • To Establish a Siddha Institute in major medical institutions
  • To organize Regional, National and International conferences
  • To collaborate with other medical systems to effectively promote health, prevent, manage and cure diseases.
  • To Partner with Innovators/ Entrepreneurs to develop new solutions and promote discovery
  • Publishing Siddha palm manuscripts into books in multiple languages

Our Affiliations

We are a non-profit organization registered in USA

MAHE - Manipal Academy of Higher Education

MSM - Morehouse School of Medicine

Health India Foundation

Our Achievements in Numbers

Global Center for Siddha Medicine and Research has been taking tremendous effort to promote Siddha Medicine and the following facts stand testimony to that.









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