The Global Center for Siddha Medicine and Research (GCSMR) aims to promote ancient Siddha medicine, food, and rejuvenation practices worldwide.

Our organization, operating in the United States and India, is dedicated to spreading knowledge for a healthy life. As an initial step, we are establishing the "Center for Advanced Research in Siddha, Varmam, and Integrative Medicine (CARSIVAM)" at Manipal Academy of Higher Education in Karnataka.

This center will facilitate collaboration between Allopathy and Siddha doctors, working together to explore the benefits of both medical approaches in managing chronic health conditions. Through rigorous clinical trials, we will generate valuable data to be published in respected peer-reviewed journals. Join us in this groundbreaking research to advance healthcare for all.

Siddha Chair

Manipal Siddha Chair in Manipal University - Dr. Janakiraman (President, Tamil Chairs), his wife Mrs.Malliga, Mr.Sivasailam (Global Center for Siddha Medicine and Research, North Carolina), and Dr.Selva Shunmugam (Health India Foundation) visited Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) on 11.01.2023. After the discussion with MAHE officials, it was decided to establish the Manipal Siddha Chair at MAHE with the support of the Tamil diaspora.

GCSMR will coordinate the stakeholders. Mrs.Malliga Janakiraman donated Rs.10 Lakhs in her parent's memory to start the Varma therapy course at Manipal University. MAHE officials and allopathic doctors are joining hands to conduct Siddha integrative medicine research in various areas. Manipal is the global gateway for Traditional Siddha Medicine.

  • Siddha/Tamil traditional medicine developed by ancient Tamil yogis (siddhar) Around 6,000 Siddha palm manuscripts are available.
  • They have been inscribed on the International Memory of the World Register in 2005 by UNESCO. Only few hundreds have reached the printed books level.
  • Siddha knowledge was documented in Tamil, hence we have responsibility Bringing Siddha (health) knowledge back is the only way of getting scientific recognition to Tamil language – future identity of Tamil culture is Siddha To promote Tamilians health, human beings health, business opportunities for Tamil community, Siddha wellness tourism to TN
  • A museum with collection of Siddha palm manuscript, Siddhars history, Siddhars statue, herbals, minerals, animals used in Siddha, etc
  • Digitalization and publishing of all 6000 (unpublished) Siddha palm manuscripts – in multiple international languages
  • Virtual Siddha medical literature library, which would be accessible by public Research activities – literature research, basic research, clinical research of Siddha Medicine, music therapy, diet therapy, yoga therapy, integrative/holistic Siddha medical approach, siddha and other traditional medicines, etc.
  • Research on naadi diagnosis and developing our prototype naadi device (Naadi diagnosis) Starting certificate/diploma courses in various fields of Tamil medical heritage (palm manuscriptology, Siddha Medicine, home remedies, medical concepts in general Tamil literature, Siddha Philosophy, Siddha Metallurgy, martial arts, ancient agriculture practice, ethnic veterinary practice, Anthropology, etc.) to Tamil diaspora as well as foreigners
  • To develop curriculum & virtual Siddha medical courses to students of the Tamil schools in abroad
  • To create youtube channel (awareness videos) about Siddha system in social media in multiple languages
  • Training center for Tamilian’s food as medicine, Traditional healthy Tamil culinary, home remedies
  • Introducing Siddha in the curriculum of modern medical system through elective course
  • To involve Tamil scientists and researchers through this chair to unearth scientific domain of Tamil culture
  • நாட்பட்ட நோய்களுக்கு வெளி மருந்தாக (drugless therapy) சித்த மருத்துவம், வர்மா மருத்துவம் இவற்றை ஆய்வு செய்தல்
  • தமிழரின் இசையின் மருத்துவ பலன்களை (Music therapy), நடனம், வாத்தியங்கள் இவைகளின் மருத்துவ பயன்பாடுகளை ஆராய்தல்
  • தமிழரின் பாரம்பரிய விளையாட்டுகளின் மூலமாக நோய்களை குணமாக்குதலை (குறிப்பாக Neuromuscular rehabilitation and developmental disorders) ஆராய்தல்
  • ஒருங்கிணைந்த கூட்டு மருத்துவ (Integrative Medicine) கலவையில் சித்த மருத்துவத்தை சேர்த்தல்
  • To Partner with Innovators/ Entrepreneurs to develop new solutions and promote discovery
  • Many Tamil ancient medical literature will be translated and published in various national and International languages
  • Global acceptance of Tamil medical system through foreign Universities/ researchers who come to pursue research/ PhD in Siddha Medicine
  • Globalization of Siddha Medicine leads to job opportunities for Tamil youngsters, agriculture sector, trading, medical tourism, etc.
  • Global identity for Tamil as scientific language – respect from non-Tamilians
  • Publication of research papers and presentation in International Conferences
  • Many vanishing Tamil arts could get life back through courses
  • Nephroprotection studies of aqueous extract of Vernonia cinerea (Asteraceae) and its fractions against cisplatin induced damage - An experimental pharmacological approach
  • Physiochemical characterization and toxicity assessment of Karuppu class of Siddha medicine
  • Effect of Kadukkai maathirai (Siddha herbal preparation) in experimentally induced liver disease in rats
  • A study to evaluate and compare efficacy of Vetpalai thailam and Sivanar vembu kuzhi thailam in mouse model of psoriasis like inflammation
  • Molecular mechanism of antipsoriatic drugs, vetpalai thailam and sivanar vembu kuzhi thailam and influence of certain dietary factors on the development of psoriasis using imiquimod induced inflammatory mice model
  • Protective role of Vernonia cinerea against radiation and 5-fluorouracil induced mucositis in mice – an approach through histological techniques.

Center for Integrative Medicine and Research (CIMR)

The Center for Integrative Medicine and Research (CIMR) has been established in MAHE in 2015 with divisions for Ayurveda, Siddha, Yoga and Homeopathy. This OPD will be giving special treatment for joint pain, back pain, diabetes, and its complications like diabetic foot ulcers, cancers, kidney stones, chronic skin diseases like psoriasis, liver diseases, sinusitis, and infertility. Siddha methods such as naadi (pulse) examination, cleansing therapy, diet therapy, Siddha yoga therapy, Kaayakalpam (anti-ageing therapy), varma therapy, external therapies, herbal therapies, home remedies and Siddha higher order drugs will be given at nominal cost. Speciality Siddha doctors are deputed from NIS, Chennai to this OPD..

  • To promote integrated research in the Siddha system of medicine and provide Siddha treatment to the common patients in the region of Manipal Karnataka, National Institute of Siddha, Chennai join hands with Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE), Manipal, Karnataka by inking an MoU and inaugurating a Specialty Integrative Traditional Siddha Medicine OPD (SISMO) in the Centre for Integrative Medicine research, MAHE on 16.06.2023.

  • Prof. Dr. R. Meenakumari, Director, NIS & DG CCRS and the team Prof. Dr.G.J.Christian, Dr. A. Mariappan, Associate Professor and Dr. B.R Senthil Kumar, Asst. Professor National Institute of Siddha visited MAHE on 16th June (Friday). The virtual inauguration of the SISMO and signing of MoU were done at MAHE university building by the Director, NIS and the Registrar, MAHE. A series of meetings with the scientists and administrators of MAHE were held to discuss the prospects of joint research later in the day.

  • The meeting was graced by Dr. Ullas Kamath (Dean of Melaka Manipal Medical College), Dr.Satish Rao (Director – Research), Dr.Basavaraj (Head of Ayurveda Division), Dr.Annapoorna (Head of Yoga division) and Dr. Arul Amuthan (Head of Siddha Division) from MAHE. Various central government schemes to promote Integrative Medicine research were discussed. The Nodal officers of SISMO Dr. A. Mariappan from NIS and Dr. Arul Amuthan from MAHE, coordinated the entire event

Dr. Jason Hickey and his PhD student from the University of New Brunswick, Canada Visited MAHE. During their visit, they entered the Division of Siddha to learn more about Traditional Siddha Medicine (TSM). Pulse diagnosis (naadi), Varma therapy, herbal formulations, and mineral nanoformulations were discussed in detail. SISMO OPD concept in collaboration with the National Institute of Siddha was explained. They got personal experience with Varma therapy for neck/shoulder pain. We also discussed the opportunity to introduce Siddha Varmam Therapy as an elective to Canadian health education. We expressed our interest to accommodate them for a short-term course on Siddha Varmam Therapy at MAHE.

Varmam Therapy

Due to the overwhelming response and request from the applicants, the last date to apply for PG Certificate Course in Siddha Varmam Therapy has been extended as follows:

Full-time (6 months) - 20 February 2024 (

Hybrid mode (1 year) - 28 Feb 2024 (

Classes will commence from 1st March 2024. Interested candidates don't miss the opportunity.

Donations for MAHE

In 2020, the Global Center for Siddha Medicine and Research (GCSMR) entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Manipal University in Karnataka, India. As part of this agreement, GCSMR has committed to providing funding of 2.5 Crores Indian Rupees (approximately $345K US$) for the center. Additionally, Manipal Academy has agreed to match this funding. The objective is for the center to eventually become self-sufficient by generating its own revenue, ensuring its sustainability beyond the initial funding phase. This partnership sets the stage for a collaborative effort in advancing Siddha medicine research and promoting its integration with modern medical practices.