Greetings from the Global Center for Siddha Medicine and Research (GCSMR) the organization started in the United States and India to spread ancient knowledge of Siddha medicine, food and rejuvenation to healthy life for everyone. As a first step in this endeavor, we want to setup an “Center for Advanced Research in Siddha, Varmam and Integrative Medicine {CARSIVAM} at Manipal Academy of Higher Education (Formerly known as Manipal University)" in Karnataka where Allopathy and Siddha doctors will work in unison to establish the benefits of Allopathy and Siddha medicine in certain chronic health conditions. We will be conducting clinical trials and the results will be published in peer reviewed journals.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed with Manipal University, Karnataka, India in 2020 and GCSMR has agreed to fund the center with Indian Rupees of 2.5 Crores (approximately $345K US$) to be matched by Manipal Academy. It is anticipated that the center will become self- sufficient by generating its own revenue after the initial funding.

The goal is to raise US $ 350,000, However, we want to reach an interim target of $100,000 by July 2021 so that the center can start functioning in a meaningful way. A message from the former Vice Chancellor of Manipal University after the signing of the MOU can be viewed here. (video). Highlights of the MOU are attached,

Through this we are appealing to your generosity to donate generously to establish the center and propagate Siddha outside Tamilnadu. Any donation is welcome whether large or small and you can make a commitment and pay it over a period of 3 years. All donations will be used for setting up the center since currently all the overhead cost associated with running GCSMR is funded by the directors and officers of GCSMR

Frequently Asked Questions

GCSMR is the first organization started with the aim of working with Allopathy or modern medicine in an integrative manner to tackle many diseases that affect humans. We also wont to conduct properly designed clinical trials, collect data and publish findings in peer reviewed journals. This will be done both in india and institutions outside India

Free webinars on COVID, Metabolic Syndrome BP and Diabetes Women's Health, Allergy and Mental Health to name a few with experienced Siddha and Allopathic doctors presenting an integrative approach

We also offer wellness workshops, and one on one health coaching

Siddho is well known in Tamilnadu but not outside, by expanding the focrprint the population outside the store will realize the cost effective treatment available for a number of diseases Manipal University Vice Chancellor decided to integrate Sadha with Allopathic practice and a number of departments such as Dermatology and Radiation Oncology joined hands

Monical is matching $ for 5 the cost to set up the Integrative Center

Result in practice opportunities for sidana doctors outside TN.

This University has multiple campuses throughout India as well as obided countries withstudents from 31 countries. This is the globel gateway for Siddha

Helping humanity live a heath life affordable health care for chronic diseases Please see the Tobie regarding Donor benefits

The memorandum of understanding signed between GCSMR and Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) clearly outlines the input we will have in the operation of the center. Please visit our website

GCSMR list of Donors

Donor Name Place Date Donation (Rs.)
Dr.Menaka Chennai 17.12.2021 50000
Sengadir Chennai 18.12.2021 20000
ShanmugaVadivu Soundararajan Coimbatore 21.12.2021 10000
Caldwell Velnambi Coimbatore 21.12.2021 10000
Natarajan Coimbatore 31.01.2022 25000
Balasubramanian Coimbatore 7.2.2022 35000
Udayakumar Erode 28.7.2022 50000
Malliga Janakiraman (for Varma Therapy course) Trichi 14.1.2023 1000000
Valli Kanthasamy Chennai 24.03.2023 100000
Uma Mani Chennai 24.03.2023 100000
Daivamani Sivasailam Chennai 25.03.2023 100000
Thamarai & Prabhakarm Tiruppuvanam 27.03.2023 300000
Thiagarajan Chennai 28.03.2023 500000
Deivumani Chennai 26.03.2023 100000
Lakshmi Shanmugam Chennai 26.03.2023 100000
Roots Industries India Limited, Coimbatore - 1000000

Donate for Siddha Chair

To donate Manipal Siddha Chair, contact Dr. Arul Amuthan,