Intermittent Fasting Benefits: Exploring Inner Transformation and Physical Well-being

In the summer of 2018, I embarked on a transformative journey of fasting. Contrary to popular belief, my decision wasn't influenced solely by Mahatma Gandhi's teachings on fasting as the ultimate prayer. However, his words resonated deeply: "God comes to the hungry in the form of food." This notion inspired me to view fasting not merely as a physical practice but also as a spiritual endeavor accessible to all, irrespective of their circumstances.

Encounter with Timo:
During a hiking trip in Slovenia, I crossed paths with Timo, a former chef turned tour guide. Despite his modest background, Timo exuded vitality. Consuming only one and a half meals daily, his physical vigor astounded me. Witnessing Timo's lifestyle reshaped my perspective on fasting, underscoring that our bodies require less sustenance than presumed.

Insights from Blue Zones:
Exploring the concept of Blue Zones, regions where people live notably longer, I discerned that longevity transcends advanced medical care. It's rooted in a natural, intuitive lifestyle. Costa Rica, Italy, Greece, Okinawa, and Japan exemplify such regions, where individuals thrive into their nineties and beyond.

Historical Perspectives:
Exploring historical texts like Tholkaapiyum, dating back at least 5000 years, I unearthed ancient insights into human evolution. From the earliest senses of touch in plants to human consciousness, our journey has been one of gradual awakening. This profound wisdom challenges us to continually strive for higher states of awareness.

Modern Applications:
Incorporating fasting wasn't a decision based solely on research or theory but a direct experience—an immersion into the practice itself. It's akin to swimming: while reading about swimming provides insight, true understanding stems from diving in and feeling the water envelop you.
Countless studies demonstrate that intermittent fasting can enhance insulin sensitivity and regulate blood sugar levels, making it a potent tool in managing diabetes. I've witnessed numerous individuals find relief from diabetes through fasting.

The Art of Living Clinic:
For the past six years, I've dedicated my lunch hours to hosting the Art of Living Clinic. Here, I share insights from Siddha philosophy, emphasizing self-inquiry and conscious living. Through this clinic, individuals have experienced profound transformations, shedding excess weight and reducing reliance on medications.

Adapting to Modern Challenges:
As societal norms evolve and technology advances, we face new health challenges. Sedentary lifestyles and processed diets are widespread, contributing to a surge in chronic illnesses. However, by embracing practices like intermittent fasting and calorie restriction, we can reclaim our health and vitality.

The Role of Genetics:
While genetic predispositions to conditions like diabetes exist, our lifestyle choices wield considerable influence on health outcomes. Adopting a plant-based, whole-food diet and practicing intermittent fasting empower individuals to mitigate genetic risks and lead fulfilling, healthy lives.

Fasting transcends mere abstinence from food—it's a gateway to spiritual growth and holistic well-being. By honoring our bodies' innate wisdom and aligning with natural rhythms, we unlock our full potential. Amidst the complexities of modern life, let's draw wisdom from ancient teachings and embrace practices that nourish body and soul.

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