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One of the PHD student in Manipal demonstrated that this Mercury Nano particle used in siddha is less or least toxic so that was one of the milestone and we are doing lot of animal experiments like so many herbal using Siddha and as a diuretic as as a nephroprotective.We have actually documented and published even in the covid period, also we have done a case series and done a very good scientific study on the mercurial based drugs used in covid management in the mild to moderate covid cases so altogether Manipal is contributing for the scientific inputs from the Siddha medicine and so far three candidate have completed the PHD in Siddha, and three are ongoing, two students are doing in Psoriasis and one student is doing in herbal diuretics and its interaction with the allopathic diuretics.

Together we have done 53 publications within last 10 years and many of the MBBS, MTech and MSc students are taking Siddha short projects as their routine projects and we are mainly spreading this knowledge outside the Tamil Nadu especially in Karnataka through medical camps and our OPD activities are now gradually picking up and our researchers and students they have presented 40 siddha research papers globally and we got 10 best presentation awards for those research output.

And currently we are working on psoriasis, cancer, male infertility in the clinical setup and we are also routinely organizing workshops and guest talks for the development of siddha community and during 2022.

We had MOU with Morehouse School of Medicine there Dr Sridharan plays a vital role and he will be talking about this More School of Medicine collaboration after my presentation and another important contribution to the Siddha is like integrative specialty OPD so which is jointly run with the in collaboration with the national institute of siddha, Ayush government of India in which the doctors from multiple medical systems are involved in treating patients and we are focusing on certain challengeable areas like cancer and Orthopedic conditions, spine disorders male INF infertility.

So this is another integrative model we are actually doing in manipal so our other contributions are we are involved in the syllabus committees elective course for the Siddha nationwide and our siddha doctors in manipal they are involved in the tkdl traditional digital knowledge library to protect the Siddha maruthuvam knowledge and also we we involved in the other educational policies and in many ways actually manipal is contributing.

I was the co-author in one of the recently published book called Siddha medical practitioner which is the documentation of traditional Vaidyar like Padiyanallur M Shanmugam so this is how we are really focused and doing lot of Developmental work to the Siddha system, another recent activities are we are continuously doing small seminars and workshops for the Siddha graduates Sida Medical College graduates so that they will be able to you know involve in the research activities.

And another important Milestone was Mrs Malika Janakiraman from the United States visited manipal and donated 10 lakhs to the manipal siddha chair to start Varma therapy courses after that university has approved the postgraduate certificate course in siddha varma therapy and I should say that this is the first of its kind in the world.

The full-time varma therapy course is Run for the healthcare providers within the short period that is 6 month, the students should stay there and they will be well trained to use the Varma therapy, our aim is actually to retrieve the Verma therapy techniques and apply the protocols clinically for that the Dr Kannan Rajaram who is the founder and director of Center for Varma medicine and research kanyaKumari came forward to give his knowledge and syllabus for this particular course.

I thank to him also and so far we have received through the Gcsmr 25 lakhs donation and 10 lakhs research Grant from the Roots Industries, Coimbatore so with that these funds we have been doing lot of the above mentioned researches and the future goal are like literature works as I mentioned there are 6,000 palm manuscripts are there among them only 1000 palm manuscripts have been translated to book level.

So other manuscripts have to be published and many traditional varma knowledge have to be documented and the siddha knowledge is still in Tamil it has to be translated to other languages so focusing in this area also and other research like nadi diagnosis, toxicological pharmacological and other cancer and all those research also we are continuously doing in future.

We are planning to start online and other certificate courses for the public and professionals because many people are asking we are in US or North India or Tamil Nadu we want to learn about introduction to siddha and all so that also will happen within next 6 months and we are planning to set up a library and a museum with by collecting all the siddha manuscripts herbals books e version and also so if anybody wants to refer anything related to Siddha they can just enter into it and we will have everything.

We need further support from the people and other organizations and volunteers philanthropists because the donations what we are getting we are utilizing for the research so those research will be done by some PhD candidates and manipal Mahe is giving matching Fund in the form of stipend to the PHD candidates so this this way the manipal will double your donation and also we are now in the position to establish a full fledged siddha model hospital with the inpatient facility and we welcome each and everyone to think how you can contribute in any way or any any form you can contribute so finally we will preserve our ancient health system and decode it scientifically for our future generation.

To promote the great Siddha System of Medicine GCSMR has started a number of initiatives including Siddha courses, Siddha OPD in hospitals, publishing of books, regular events, seminars and workshops. We request your generous donation for the organization so that we can carry out the activities globally thereby benefiting the entire humankind.