Prevention Of  Heart Attacks

Heart Attacks - Siddha Ways to prevent - Part 2

Performing asanas also fall under the primordial prevention, doing asanas and sun salutation methods are very helpful in preventing many diseases. These all come under the primordial prevention methods, the ways to keep your heart healthy and prevention of risk factors of the heart attack.


➤ Savasana, a very important asana in which every muscle of our body including stomach, eyes, tongues, mouth should be relaxed, feet should be hip-width apart slightly wider, palms should be facing upward, no tension anywhere in the body. The mind should be relaxed. So, once a day, five minutes will keep your heart healthy and prevent many challenging healthy conditions of modern society.

➤ Next is abdominal breathing, it is also called diaphragmatic breathing or conscious breathing, it is a very simple method. Sit in a comfortable position, put one hand on our belly button just below the ribs, the other hand on the chest wall. Take a deep breath through both nostrils, breathe out through the mouth. Do this breathing three to ten times per day, ideally empty stomach. So, this is very useful for prevention of many diseases. It is very useful for preventing anxiety and depression. So, this also comes under the primordial prevention methods.

Sleep Patterns:

➤ Then comes the sleep patterns, younger adults 18 to 60, seven to nine hours of sleep is essential. In particular, it is in the night, not in the morning. So, the ideal time for waking up is 5 a.m. So, please calculate the bedtime. Important thing is to stop using electronic instruments at least 90 minutes prior to sleep. This is a very important rule for preventing many diseases, not only the heart attack, preventing many diseases.

➤ The next one is the new factor for the heart attack, TMAO. There is a tri-methylamine N oxide is the one new molecule. So, what is the tri-methylamine n oxide? The trimethylamine in oxide is the molecule generated from the red meat, egg yolk, high-fat food via the gut microbial metabolism.

➤ If you want to know how to keep your heart healthy then eat lots of fiber diet, it is very useful to our system. It is considered as a primordial preventive method. If you use trans fat or some modified red meat, the TMAO produced in our GI tract, the circulating TMAO can activate platelet hyperactivity, increase foam cell formations, and induced inflammatory response and decrease reverse cholesterol transport. These effects contribute to the progression of atherosclerosis, that is the hardening of the blood vessels, heart failure, and kidney diseases.

 Prevention Of  Heart Attacks

➤ These are all the evidence already mentioned, already published in the peer-reviewed journals. This is one peer-reviewed journal, that is Nature. The microbiota derivative from TMAO predicts cardiovascular risk after STEMI, that is the ST elevated myocardial infarction. This is also called the common name of heart attack. So, the current guidelines, what are the current guidelines for the TMAO in our blood? This is a blood test. So, less than two micromoles is the low risk, 2 to 9.9 micromoles is the intermediate risk, more than 10 micromoles is the high risk. In recent clinical studies, there is evidence of positive correlation between the elevated plasma levels of TMAO, TMAO, and the increased risk for the major adverse risk givers.

➤ So, current publications have shown that interventions such as dietary management, intestinal flora regulations, the inhibition of TMAO precursor production, and the treatment with the medicines or traditional chemical medicines can prevent the heart attack, including atherosclerosis of our body. So, how to reduce the TMAO? Intestinal flora regulations, periodical bowel cleansing, and usage of, that is, sprouted green grams, black gram, high fiber diet, usage of neeragaram, that is natural probiotic, fermented rice water, these are all the treatment for reducing the TMAO.

➤ These are all the Siddha holistic approaches for prevention and treatment of heart attack and also to keep your heart healthy. The first thing is detoxification. So, this detoxification is nothing but a periodical bowel cleansing method using castor oil, ginger juice, and honey. So, diet therapy includes the Siddha body constitution based food, low-calorie, high-fiber millets, mindful eating, that is the five-sense organ eating, that is, conscious, the probiotic and prebiotic for gut microbiome, then the fasting therapy.

Fasting therapy:

➤ Fasting therapy is very, very important for prevention of many diseases, including heart attack and obesity. Physical activity therapy, including yoga, herbal supplements. So, we are going to see some homemade preparations for prevention and treatment of coronary angio coronary artery events. You can use these herbal supplements along with your regular medications like aspirin or any other medication. So, you can add along with these herbal preparations. The first one is bitter gourd. It inhibits the fat synthesis. It reduces the accumulation of fat in our body. It increases the glucose uptake. So, this combination effectively prevents a heart attack.

➤ Next one is the very, very important moringa. Moringa reduces the body weight and some other bad primordial risk factors of coronary angio coronary artery events, that is heart attack. So, it regulates cholesterol metabolism. Fat degradation by some other chemical reactions in our body. It increases the glucose utilization. So, we use this moringa leaf along with the cumin seed, especially in the early morning. It will help to reduce the blood pressure and it increases the biological activities of internal organs. So, early morning, 10 pieces of the moringa leaves along with one teaspoon of cumin seed, chew and swallow, and then drink the neeragaram, that is the fermented rice water, will help to reduce the risk factors for heart attack.

➤ You all are well known about the effectiveness of turmeric. So, many recent research reports support the usage of turmeric. So, usage of turmeric in our culinary purpose, mixed with buttermilk or use along with ghee, it is very useful for preventing the risk factors for heart attack, that is obesity, hypertension, and diabetes mellitus, that is the type 2 diabetes mellitus also treated by usage of the moringa curry leaf and turmeric.

➤ The usage of fenugreek as a 12-week administration improves the glucose metabolism in our body. It improved the HbA1c, body weight, and other risk factors of heart attack. So, many research reports revealed that diabetes and other risk factors will be reduced by usage of the ordinary fenugreek or we can sprouted fenugreek.

 Prevention Of  Heart Attacks

➤ In our literature, more than 50 herbal decoctions, herbal tea are mentioned. So, stop using the normal coffee and tea. Use thulasi tea or vilvam tea or mint tea. So, many meta-analyses increased adiponectin concentration in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus. This chemical is a well-known factor for regulating the glucose levels, lipid metabolism, and insulin sensitivity through its anti-inflammatory and protein antioxidant effects.

➤ There is a very useful combination called Anna Podi. There is a combination of curry leaf, dry ginger, thymol seed, cumin seed, pepper, and fennel. This combination is useful for prevention of many risk factors of heart attack. This one is a very effective tea, marutham pattai tea. So, the four key ingredients are maruthampattai, the black cumin seed, dried ginger, and pepper. These are the four ingredients we can use one teaspoon of maruthampattai powder, that is Arjuna powder, half a teaspoon of cumin seed, that is black cumin seed, half teaspoon of dry ginger powder, half teaspoon of pepper, boil with 300 mL of water, reduce to 150 mL, and drink in the early morning. You can take along with your regular medications. It will not interact with any cardiac medications like aspirin or any other vasodilator preparations. So, this is one key ingredient key decoction mentioned for prevention as well as treating heart diseases.

➤ At this juncture, I would like to reiterate that a regular exercise, drinking adequate quantity of water, neeragaram, that is the whole rice fermented water, as well as usage of the high fiber diet, meditation, eating in the right quantity, walking and exercise, reading good books, these are all the key factors for prevention of heart attack and also for keeping your heart healthy.

Siddha prescribes several measures for prevention of heart attack, check the video to get a holistic view.

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