Integrative Medicine
Integrative Medicine - Dr Uma SenthilKumar

Integrative Medicine and Holistic Wellness in the United States

Tailored medicine for every individual by combining and deriving the best from different medicinal forms.

Aims to optimize health and well being by addressing the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of an individual

Patient centered and holistic medicine for a better healthcare system.

More than 15 medical schools in the US are offering fellowships in integrative medicine.

Several hospitals in the US are having integrative medicine departments, there will be an oncology department and integrative oncology in parallel.

Siddha, Acupuncture, Yoga, Chinese medicine are some of the forms that are part of integrative medicine.

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Ancient system of Siddha would be a best alternative medicine and Varma would be a best alternative therapy for ailments and healthy life. GCSMR works to spread the wisdom of Siddha and Varma across the world and we request your support in this mission, any amount of donation will propel the cause and accelerate our efforts in this noble activity.